Pneumatic actuators

Mechanical systems based on a pneumatic cylinder together with all the necessary components required to control the movement of various equipments.

They can either operate as on-off or linear regulators (by means of a positioner).

The most common applications are for dampers and big valve operation in industrial installations (power plants, refineries, chemical plants, ovens, water treatment plants, etc)

Main features:

  • Linear or turnkey actuators operation.
  • Simple or double acting configurations available
  • For on-off or proportional operation with a smart positioner.
  • Safety circuit for power fail/ pressure fail events. The actuator will either remain as it is or move to a previously designated safety position
  • Certified for explosive environments (ATEX, etc).
  • Standard diameters: 125, 160, 200, 250, 320, 400 mm (other sizes subject to request)
  • Construction materials:
    • Caps, tubes and piston: steel or aluminium
    • Piston rod: stainless steel
    • Seals: NBR, Viton or others under request.
  • Accesories:  
    • Pneumatic positiones 3-15 psi, 4-20 mA or smart positioners.
    • End of stroke switches NEMA 4/4X or explosive proof .
    • ASME tanks.
    • NEMA 4/4X or explosion proof boxes
    • Control cabinets manufactured to the degree of protection required in each case(IP67, NEMA 4X).

All of our actuators are assembled and tested in our premises prior to delivery and they are shipped ready for assembly on site.