Pneumatic control cabinets and panels

We design and mount pneumatic control panels and cabinets based on our customers technical needs and requirements.

These pneumatic control cabinets allow a simple and practical control of all the cylinders and pneumatic actuators which conform a certain pneumatic installation powered by compressed air or other fluids.

The cabinets incorporate inside and in one place all the pneumatic, electric and electronic components required to achieve the desired performance in each case: solenoid valves, filters, regulators, pressure gauges, flow control valves, electronic control systems, etc.

Main features:

  • Formats:  cabinets, free standing panels, etc.
  • Materials: polyester, painted steel, stainless steel.
  • Protection class according to requirement: IP67 / NEMA 4X / etc.
  • Cabinets for ATEX certified areas.
  • Solenoid valves mounted individually or in Banks
  • Integrated field bus communication systems (ProfiBus, ModBus, etc).
  • Low consumption coils
  • Identification tags for each component.
  • Maximum ease of use.

In all cases also construction drawings, pneumatic diagrams and user manuals are provided.

All our cabinets are mounted in our Workshops and tested prior to shipment. They are  delivered  ready to be installed on site.

Some of the most common applications for our control cabinets are:

  • Water treatment plants (Desalination, waste treatment, purification)
  • Paper and pulp paper factories
  • Petrochemical factories
  • Power plants
  • Steel mills
  • Food factories
  • Automotive parts factories